Meet the Admins!


Patrick Marshall

Known as the "Commish"

"I'm A Sports Addict, No Need For An Intervention...I'm Good..."

My Teams: Detroit (NFL Team) vs Everybody...Go Green Go White (Michigan State)...


Timothy Wright

Known as "Minister of Sports"

"Married with children, my life is complete. Now I got a sports family. What more can you ask for? #RunYoMouf is my life. I was born to impart knowledge and to impact the masses. I am the minister of sports."

Cool Sports Moment: Had a great college life in Conference USA and it was always a great day for Hattiesburg, MS and USM (Univ. of Southern Miss) to see Penny Hardaway, Nick Van Exel, and watching the home team boy, Clearence Witherspoon, light up the court. Then to see HOF, Brett Farve play for a semester; my life was great.

My Teams: New England Patriots, Chicago Bulls, UK basketball, Bama football (Roll Tide)


Anthony James

Known as "AJ"

"Love to smoke cigars. Oh, and I drop some serious sports knowledge. RunYoMouf. Nuff Said."

My Teams: Dallas Cowboys, Boston Celtics


William Murphy

Known as "Murph"

"Sports is a great equalizer too. It doesn't care what color you are, where you come from, how much money you make, who your folks are...if you can play,
you can play!"

Cool Sports Moment: When I was a sophomore at Wake Forest, Chris Paul was a high school senior a few minutes away from campus. He had already committed to Wake, so one day, he came over to play on our outside courts for fun. I guarded him for a full game. You could tell he wasn't playing hard, but even as a high schooler playing at less than 100%, he was way better than anybody out there. His passing and change of pace were ridiculous!

My Teams: Dallas Cowboys, Duke Basketball, Wake Forest Sports, Toronto Bluejays (kinda random), and OKC Thunder (mainly because of Westbrook and Durant).


Ozell Baldridge

Known as "O-Z"

"Sports is everything to me and it has been since about the age of 5. For me, sports taught me life lessons like hard work, dedication and being loyal.

A lil wacky thing about me is that I hate odd numbers BUT my favorite number is 3 (Allen Iverson of course) LOL."

Cool Sports Moment: I would have to say winning the State Championship as a senior in High School. That feeling of coming out of the tunnel to see your entire town in the crowd cheering you on was unreal, thats something I'll never forget and to be able to win it all just made it special.

My Teams: Atlanta Braves, Duke Basketball, Detroit Lions, Florida Gators Football and Cleveland Cavaliers 


Dewon Hall

Known as "DHall"

"More of the Marketing Guy of the admins, there's no doubt that I have a great love for sports! All kinds. From the debates, to the memes, RunYoMouf is definitely the spot to express yourself freely about sports."

Cool Sports Moment: If you guys remember Corey Bradford, Jackson State University Grad (my Alma Mater), and Brett Farve's deep threat for a number of years in Green Bay back in 1998-2002, I got the opportunity to play against him a number of times in pick up basketball. Dude had crazy hops and was super fast. He actually was the deep threat highlight on a promo commercial for EA Sports or NFL Live...I can't remember...

My Teams: San Francisco 49ers, Boston Celtics, Atlanta Braves, No fave college team but support HBCU sports and love to see SEC football crush the other conferences (southern boy)!

Andregus Holmes

Known as "Dreek"

"The reason I love RunYoMouf; I enjoy talking and dissecting sports, as well as reading the different views and perspectives of everyone in the group. One of my biggest fears is to one day not being athletic anymore...I'm a gym rat and vow to stay in fighting trim."

My Teams: Duke Basketball, Notre Dame but got lots of love for Florida State, Teflon Tom and the New England Patriots and Laker Nation

Jonah White

Known as "Jonah Kiper Jr."

"First word that comes to mind when I think #RunYoMouf is knowledge. To build a strong foundation and expand the future it has to be based on knowledge. Debating Sports, Studying Sports, Learning Sports is my life. Something I would like to build on with my #RunYoMouf family."

My Teams: University of Michigan Athletics, New England Patriots, Atlanta Braves, St. Louis Blues

Hison Brown

Known as "$tack$"

"It's all sports all the time and when sporting events are on TV it feels as though you are watching it with a movie theater full of people."

My Teams: Lakers, Redskins, NY Mets, NY Rangers, South Carolina (College Football) Duke (College Basketball)

Brandon Jamar

Known as "BJ"

"33 year old male from Georgetown, South Carolina and a 2004 graduate of Fayetteville State University with a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration. Participated in baseball, football and basketball in high school (averaged 11 off the bench as a senior).

I am apart of several non-profit organizations including the Georgetown County Boys Mentor Group, A Better YOUth LLC., and the Westside Civic Association. I have volunteered as an assistant coach for Georgetown County JV Basketball team for the past 2 years. I am currently a head coach of the Georgetown Elite Ballers NTBA team along with Mike Ford, also of RYM. Last summer, our 9th grade boys and 10 grade girls participated in the USBA National Tournament in Atlanta.."

My Teams: Giants (NFL), Atlanta Braves, Kentucky Wildcats (College Basketball), Notre Dame (College Football), Penguins (Hockey), LA Lakers

Fred Pegues, Jr.

Known as "Fred"

"I love #RunYoMouf because it never stops. There's always somebody talking sports 24/7. Big games feels like you're watching it with your boys. Kobe is The GOAT."

My Teams: Lakers, Serena Williams, Yankees, LA Rams, Tarheel Basketball, USC Football

Lorenzo Thomas, Sr.

Known as "Zo"

"I love RunYoMouf because it basically keeps the members from having to watch Espn classic or learn about games and sports moment they wasn't old enough to witness. There is always someone in the group who could share that moment with you or analyze a great classic game for you.. "

Cool Sports Moment: My coolest Sports moment is being a part of the 2007 Delta State Men's basketball team as a student Manager.

My Teams: Ravens, Yankees, Lakers - The crazy thing about me is that my love for the Lakers is so strong that during the 2010 finals I slept on the couch until the series was over because I didn't want to risk ruin my relationship(now marriage).

Glynn Glyde Dowdell

Known as "GLyde"

"I got my nickname from being so skinny & getting my 1st dunk in 8th grade! 2004 State Champ in triple jump, All-State track team for long jump & triple jump. Played college basketball & track @ Wallace State in Hanceville, Al.

My Teams: Alabama (football) Tar Heels (basketball) Tennessee Titans (NFL)