The RunYoMouf #Hashtag Translation Guide

Some of the hashtags you see may pertain to a particluar sport season and some can be used during any sport season. For example, #WaterCoolerMonday or #WCM is typically used for the NFL football season after the Sunday Games.

  1. #‎Sauce (or any form of sauce) = a player or event that is garbage
  2. #‎MilkCartonChronicles
    or #‎MCC = players or sports figures who just flat out disappeared; many were once decent or above average players
  3. ‪#‎DatAintIt = a sports play, event, or occurrence made by an athlete that is boneheaded or absent-minded
  4. #‎WashedUpWednesdays
    or #‎WUW = players or sports figures who were once good but just don't quite have it anymore; possibly need to retire
  5. #‎ThursdayThumpers
    or #‎TT = athletes or sports figures who brought it every night; generally hard nosed, gritty players who excelled
  6. ‪#‎UpandComing = young athletes with star potential or qualities; guys who could be the next big thing
  7. #‎WaterCoolerMonday
    or #WCM = usually during football season where top players from the weekend are given a drink of water for their big time performances
  8. ‪#‎TheBizarre = completely outrageous and mysterious happenings from the sports world that leave you scratching your head
  9. #‎FreePaycheckFriday = athletes who are on teams and getting 0 burn, basically collecting a paycheck for sitting
  10. #‎SauceSaturdays = see #1; usually during college basketball season or during the period when there are lots of Saturday sports to describe players, teams, or coaches who stunk it up that day
  11. #‎FlashbackFridays
    or #‎FBF = relive some of the greatest sports moments of all time
  12. #‎BestoftheRest = athletes who had very good careers but are not Hall of Famers
  13. #‎JustQuitAlready = somewhat of a catch-all; refers to athletes who should stop making silly comments or quit their sport altogether
  14. #‎CaptionThis = post a compelling image of sports figures and allow the group to write captions for it
  15. #‎WhyHeGot1 = questions players who won championships while riding the bench
  16. #‎TaintedTitle = finds a ridiculous reason to question the titles of every champion (ex. Serena's titles are #‎tainted because she serves too hard)
  17. #BLAHMM = Super Nasty Dunk on somebody