Skyelar’s Week 15 & 16 #takeaways

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It’s time! It’s time! It’s #takeaway time (Big Van Vader voice)! This is week 15 & week 16 combined! Game time! The Derek Carr injury is a shame…but it also paints a different picture. The amount of leg injuries these players suffer is up since ten years ago. I’m telling y’all, the NFL has a different problem on their hands. … Read More

Skyelar’s Week 15 #takeaways

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Look at God! Jeff Fisher is finally out as coach of the Rams. Question: Can you name your favorite Jeff Fisher moment? I’ll wait… At the beginning of the year, I picked Jacksonville Jags to win the division. That was until I realized that they are just as cursed as the Browns are. Since 2000, the Jags have only three … Read More

Skye’s week 14 #takeaways

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Time for the week 14 #takeaways. Get ready for the ride! Jeff Fisher continues to show us that no matter how bad of an employee you are, you can still have a job. Unless…I’ll let you fill in the blank. Tell me another coach that would still coach and hasn’t had a winning record since 2008? I’ll wait.  Colin Kapernick … Read More

Skye’s week 12 #takeaways

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These are the week twelve #takeaways. Let’s get it! The most disappointing team in football is the Arizona Cardinals. They were a 10-1 favorite to win the Super Bowl and they are number one in total defense. They sit at 4-6-1. Something is amiss. Drew Brees’ reemergence is crazy. Despite having a 5-6 with no elite receivers (Brandin Cooks is … Read More

Skyelar’s Week 11 #takeaways

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It’s that time fellas for the week eleven #takeaways!! Let’s get to it!! If you haven’t guessed this about me by now, everyone should know that I am a NOT a Jay Culter fan. Finally, the Bears are starting to see the light! Tom Brady now has more passing years than the 49ers TEAM! It’s sad what’s happening in San … Read More

Skyelar’s Week 10 Takeaways!

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Russell Wilson is quietly among the elite. He may have the best start to a career I’ve ever seen. The Panthers are 23rd against the pass. This is why you should’ve paid Josh Norman. Marcus Peters is a beast! The Bengals are the most overachieving franchise in the past four years. Marvin Lewis is the luckiest coach this side of … Read More