Skyelar’s Week 15 & 16 #takeaways

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It’s time! It’s time! It’s #takeaway time (Big Van Vader voice)! This is week 15 & week 16 combined! Game time!

  • The Derek Carr injury is a shame…but it also paints a different picture. The amount of leg injuries these players suffer is up since ten years ago. I’m telling y’all, the NFL has a different problem on their hands.
  • Is this the beginning of the end for Adrian Peterson? I believe so. A running back only has so many miles on him. In the past three seasons, he’s been hurt or suspended. I think he’s done.
  • Aaron Rodgers just jumped into the MVP race. If you take him off that team, how good are they? 4128 yards, (4th), 36 TDs (1st), 65.5 comp % (t-4th), 7 INTs. He’s definitely in the discussion.
  • The Cleveland Browns winning their first game does NOT mean they are better than the 0-16 Lions! They were HORRIBLE this year!
  • Ding, dong, Rex Ryan is gone! He’s really getting to Jeff Fisher status. Just go back to being a coordinator. He has a 61-66 record with his only “Super Bowl” win against the New England Patriots.
  • DeMarcus Ware is on IR and will probably be done. What a great career!  138.5 career sacks and a super bowl ring. Great job big fella!
  • The Dallas Cowboys are the class of the NFC. However, if they face the Patriots in the Super Bowl, they will…..not win! Yes, the Cowboys own TOP, but the Pats are 3rd against the run. While the Boys are 1st against the run, they are 27th against the pass. That means they will have to neutralize Tom Brady. Tom Brady! And no coach picks apart schemes better than Bill. Cowboy fans, pump the breaks! They are playing lights out, but don’t get too excited if you have to see the Pats.
  • For once, I actually agree with OBJ about something! And the NFL should be ashamed of themselves for fining him for the Sager cleats.
  • Oh Lions…Oh Lions… First the Giants, then the Cowboys. They can’t possibly lose this division. Then again….oh Lions.
  • Bell>Zeke>Johnson
  • Allen Robinson deserves better. He’s due for a big pay out. He has to get out of Jacksonville.
  • Speaking of which, Tom Coughlin might become the coach again. Three of their five playoff appearances were with him as coach. It could be a good look.
  • I was going to talk about the Pro Bowl, but why? If the players don’t care, why should I? 

#RunYoMouf is the Army, better yet the Navy.

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