Skyelar’s Week 15 #takeaways

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  • Look at God! Jeff Fisher is finally out as coach of the Rams. Question: Can you name your favorite Jeff Fisher moment? I’ll wait…
  • At the beginning of the year, I picked Jacksonville Jags to win the division. That was until I realized that they are just as cursed as the Browns are. Since 2000, the Jags have only three winning seasons – one less than the Browns. The difference is the divisions. The AFC North is always competitive. Outside of the Peyton Manning years, the AFC South is always wide open. Another disappointing season for the Jags.
  • 22 TDs, 2 picks, 68.5% completion percentage (second best of his career so far), no Gronk, one loss to the Seahawks…oh, and he’s 39. Tom Brady is BALLING! Derek Carr better watch out! The MVP race just slimmed down.
  • The NFL has a problem with ACL injures. As much as I don’t care for Tannehill, his injury sucks.
  • Aaron Rodgers is clicking at the right time. Adams is his go-to guy right now, which causes mismatches because of Nelson and Cobb. This is interesting.
  • You will NOT see Romo this season.
  • If the Giants are a wildcard team, they might make it to the Super Bowl. Check the last two times they were the wildcard.
  • I keep saying that Rex Ryan’s Super Bowl is beating the Pats. That’s his legacy and that’s a shame.
  • Bell > Zeke. No debate!
  • The Lions are the second seed. Let’s see what they are made of. Giants, Cowboys, Packers. Tough schedule, but I’m confident they can win all three. They are 8-1 since week five.
  • Darren Sproles is a tough dude.
  • The Seahawks have 15 points in two games. They can’t take that into the playoffs.
  • NBA #takeaways this week!! Get ready!!

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