Let’s Help!

Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort.

From Port Arthur to Houston Texas, this storm was catastrophic. It displaced families and destroyed homes and businesses!

In an effort to help families and individuals affected by this storm, #RunYoMouf would like for you to join us in sending clothes to families in need.

Below you will find a #RunYoMouf Mail Label, specifically for large USPS Flat Rate Boxes. If you have your own box, that’s great too! You can still use the label.

Download, print, cut it out and tape it to your flat rate box and the Postal Service will do the rest! We’ve also included some photos of how the Large Flat Rate Box looks. Thank you so much for helping in this effort!

Large Flat Rate Box:
• $18.85 for up to 70lbs in weight
• $50 insurance included

Click here to download the RunYoMouf Mail Label.