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Now that the smoke has cleared from this year’s NBA Finals, may I have a second to vent about Lebron James and just haters in general?

I actually like Lebron James on and off the court. He impacts games in ways that the novice fan would miss. I mean, we know he’s a great player, but I don’t think many understand just how much power he has in dictating what the opponent does. He is just as good on the defensive end as he is on the offensive end and he’s been making those around him better since he came into the league… so I am being completely honest when I say that I am happy that he was able to win a championship for his city.

Honestly, my main beef with Lebron had less to do with him as a person, but more to do with his fans. I’ve even forgiven him, somewhat, for eliminating my Wizards in back to back years in the playoffs during his first Cavaliers’ stint. The only reason I can’t get over it completely is because I didn’t appreciate when he showed poor gamesmanship by whispering in Gilbert Arena’s ear before he shot crucial free throws during one of the playoff games. That was years ago, and I’m going to let bygones be bygones, and focus more on the present.

I know most don’t like Lebron because he “whines” a lot, flops a lot, and doesn’t come up in the clutch moments. Even in this year’s Finals, it was Kyrie Irving, not Lebron, who hit the eventual game winning shot over the reigning back to back MVP. Having said that, what most haters fail to realize is that even after that shot, Lebron really banged up his shoulder after a foul, and made two clutch free throws that turned an uneasy three point lead to an all but guaranteed five point lead for the championship. Shoot, I’ll take it a step further and say that some Lebron haters feel that Irving was the MVP in the Finals. I can see a good argument being formed, but let’s not kid ourselves. Forget winning the Finals. That Cavs team misses the playoffs altogether without Lebron.

Also, I feel like we as sport fans don’t focus enough on the eye test. We let our personal feelings get in the way of giving players their just due. Even when I did throw shade at Lebron, I never doubted that he was a great basketball player and that he was on the level of Jordan and Kobe years ago. To see him accomplish all he’s accomplished and still see people hate is astounding. I can say the same about Steph Curry. Even with the historic “L” that he and the Warriors took in the Finals, back to back MVP, back to back record breaking three point seasons, with a ring is nothing to dismiss. Yet, people destroy him because he’s the first unanimous MVP as if he was the one that voted for himself. I just find it ironic that two of the most scandal-free players in the league are the two that are hated on the most.

Back in the day, it used to be lonely at the top, nowadays the top has the most noise. Lebron, Curry, Brady, Cam, Bryce, Serena, Mayweather, McGregor, Rousey are just a few that have taken major shade when they were on top. Not to get too political on a sports site, but I think President Obama has had a decent presidency, and I can honestly say he has to be the most hated President ever. I guess it goes with the “winning” territory.

You can hate LBJ…but you really can’t now.

-Mike Pyatt

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