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The 2016-2017 free agency could end being a very interesting one to watch. Franchise QB Drew Brees could be on the market. Brees is in the last year of his 5-year $100 million contract that he signed in 2012. He is set to make $30 million this year. Now this might be hard for some Saints’ fans to hear, but I believe the Brees Era in New Orleans is coming to an end. Brees wants a long term deal, however with his age, I don’t expect that to happen. The Saints need to rebuild, and I don’t see how that would work with a weathered QB taking up 20% of your cap space.

I know some fans are thinking, “Well they can franchise tag him, again (For the 3rd time).” However, that would be even worse for the Saints. It would be a 44% increase of the 2016 cap hit, which would be about $43.2 million in 2017. The Saints can’t afford that so we can scratch that option off. General Manager Mick Loomis stated, “We haven’t made any progress”, when he was asked about Drew Brees’s contract situation. Brees told reporters that there haven’t been any contract talks in 3 months. I could understand why the Saints would want to wait and see how he plays this season before committing to him for several more seasons.

After a dismal 7-9 season, the Saints need to revamp their 28th ranked defense. Not all the blame, if any at all, can be put on Brees for the way last season turned out. The offense did its job for the most part in putting points on the board. Brees finished 7th in QB ranking according to Gregg Rosenthal of The defense could not keep their opponents from outscoring their offense; they finished 5th in most points allowed and 2nd in most yards allowed. Not to mention they couldn’t get much pressure on the opposing QB’s throughout the season. It’s clear that it is time to rebuild.

I see two scenarios that are most likely to happen. 1. NO re-signs their 37-year-old franchise QB for 2-3 years and risk not making the postseason. Why would they not make the postseason? A lot of their money is tied up in Drew Brees, so they can’t upgrade their defense or give him another weapon. 2. Brees hits free agency and he signs with a team that has a deeper pocket book than the New Orleans organization, as well as a better supporting cast around him. I want to see Sean Payton and Brees win one more ring before this era ends in the Saints organization, but I just don’t see it happening. Where will Brees be in 2017??

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