Skyelar’s Week 10 Takeaways!

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  • Russell Wilson is quietly among the elite. He may have the best start to a career I’ve ever seen.
  • The Panthers are 23rd against the pass. This is why you should’ve paid Josh Norman.
  • Marcus Peters is a beast!
  • The Bengals are the most overachieving franchise in the past four years. Marvin Lewis is the luckiest coach this side of Jeff Fisher.
  • What Zeke and Dak are doing is great. Dak is 4th in QBR, while Zeke leads the land in rushing. The real MVP is still that OLine. Travis Fredrick and Zack Martin are the best in their position. Still, props to Dak and Zeke.
  • Another loss for Green Bay. Mike McCarthy will lose his job if the Packers don’t win the division. Mark my words.
  • Welcome to earth Minnesota Vikings.
  • 1721, 1635. The first number, the 49ers (AS A TEAM)! The second number, Tom Brady! I have no words.
  • Despite my complete sustain for Brock Osweiler (in my Paul Heyman voice), and no JJ Watt, the Texans are 6-3. Props.
  • Jay Cutler is HORRIBLE!! I will say that every week until he is off the team!
  • Drew Brees is top ten easy, but where in the top ten? I have him at eight. (Montana, Brady, Peyton, Marino, Young, Farve, Elway, Brees).

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