Skyelar’s Week 11 #takeaways

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It’s that time fellas for the week eleven #takeaways!! Let’s get to it!!

If you haven’t guessed this about me by now, everyone should know that I am a NOT a Jay Culter fan. Finally, the Bears are starting to see the light!

Tom Brady now has more passing years than the 49ers TEAM! It’s sad what’s happening in San Francisco.

The biggest threat to the Patriots is not another team. It is injures. Gronk, Bennett, Edelman, and Hogan are all hurting. Solder, the best tackle on the team is also hurt.

What’s scary about the Cowboys is they lead the league in time of possession. If this continues in the playoffs, this will be a problem for the rest of the league.

Weeks ago, I said something was missing with the Seahawks D. I was wrong. Bobby Wagner leads the league in tackles, while Cliff Avril is tied for first in sacks. They still put fear in opponents.

This lets you know that A Rod is not to blame for the Packers’ 4-6-1 record. He has 25 TD’s, 7 INT’s with a 63.2 completion percentage. Something has to give. McCarthy is in trouble.

Jeff Fisher is almost the all-time leader in losses by a NFL coach. Yet and still, he still has a job. Romney Rule anyone?

The NFC East is the only division in the league were everyone has a winning record. That’s very interesting considering only one of the them will make the playoffs. BOLD PREDICTION!

Atlanta is next to last against the pass. As good as Matt Ryan has been, that secondary is horrible. That won’t work if they don’t address those issues.

Stefan Diggs is quietly having a good year, despite only having two TD’s. Problem is that Bradford is his QB.

I said this before about the Lions. They are showing resiliency (Glover Quinn is a stud). I can’t be all in until I see consistency all four quarters (that will make my MI homies mad).

The Panthers are finished. The heart and soul of that team is not Cam. It’s Luke Kuechly. His concussion will show what this team is made of down the stretch.

Stay tuned for the NBA monthy #takeaways, coming soon! Peace and out #RunYoMouf fam!!








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