Skye’s week 12 #takeaways

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These are the week twelve #takeaways. Let’s get it!

  • The most disappointing team in football is the Arizona Cardinals. They were a 10-1 favorite to win the Super Bowl and they are number one in total defense. They sit at 4-6-1. Something is amiss.
  • Drew Brees’ reemergence is crazy. Despite having a 5-6 with no elite receivers (Brandin Cooks is cool), he’s putting up crazy numbers. 71.5 pct, 3,587 yards, 30 TD’s, 8 INT’s. He’s balling and is crawling into that MVP discussion.
  • Jeff Fisher is Jay Culter’s dad.
  • The Cleveland Browns at 0-12 are worst that the 0-16 Detroit Lions. At least the Lions competed. The Browns (except Terrell Pryor) are terrible.
  • Can we just the Chip Kelly is overrated as a coach?
  • Can we say that Andy Reid is underrated as a coach?
  • The Dolphins are a quiet 7-4. That’s good that they’re under the radar. However, I’m still not sold on Tannehill.
  • Gronk is hurt again…sigh…
  • Tampa is riding an impressive three game winning streak (who cares about the Bears, but against the Chiefs and Seahawks is big). I’ll keep my eyes on them.
  • I’m telling y’all as a non-Cowboy fan. The fact that the Cowboys lead the league in TOP (time of possession) is scary moving forward. Teams better figure out how to combat that or we might see them in the Super Bowl.
December 1st will be my first NBA #takeaways. Peace out #RunYoMouf fam!!!!

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