Skye’s week 14 #takeaways

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Time for the week 14 #takeaways. Get ready for the ride!

  • Jeff Fisher continues to show us that no matter how bad of an employee you are, you can still have a job. Unless…I’ll let you fill in the blank. Tell me another coach that would still coach and hasn’t had a winning record since 2008? I’ll wait. 
  • Colin Kapernick went 1-4 for 5 yards. Not only that but was the first player in NFL history that had the same amount of sacks allowed as passing yards. But, he’s not the problem at all. Chip only called for ten passing plays through three quarters, which is why they are 30th in passing. You tell me who’s to blame??? 
  • Revis Island is NOT finished. He’s only 31. The Jets stink and don’t pose any kind of threat. He needs a change of scenery. He should’ve stayed in New England.
  • The Lions held the number 1 offense to 13 points. They are quietly turning into one of the most dangerous teams in the NFC, if not THE most dangerous.
  • Kansas City will be a nightmare in the playoffs. There are so many playmakers on defense. 
  • I said it before and I’ll say it again. Cam Newton is NOT the heart and soul of that team. It is Luke Kuechly. No Kuechly=most points given up in two seasons. And Ron Rivera is full of it if he thinks that the “dress code” wouldn’t be addressed. 
  • Remember when everyone said that Matt Ryan was the MVP? I said from jump that it would be Derek Carr. I stand correct! While the Falcons are moonwalking back to reality, Oakland keeps rolling with the best tandem in football. Derek Carr for MVP.
  • Green Bay really needed that win to keep their playoff hopes alive. They might sneak in depending on how the NFC south turns out. 
  • This week, I made a greatest player to never win a championship list and I had Fitz over T.O and Moss. I was wrong about that. But, I will say when it’s all said and done, Fitz will be in the top five discussion, but he’s not better than T.O or Moss. Philip Rivers will also be in that discussion for QB’s, but it is still Marino.
  • Congratulations to Tom Brady on becoming the winningest QB in NFL history. This begs the question: Is Brady a product of the Belichick regime or does Belichick have the same level of success without him? I think it’s a combination of both. They are the best coach/QB combination in NFL history. 
  • RG3 is projected to start this upcoming week. Somewhere, Skip Bayless is saying how he’ll be a difference maker. 
  • The Ravens look good, but Flacco’s inconsistency (15 TD’s, 11 INT’s) will catch up with them.
  • I still don’t like Andrew Luck.

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